QSI: A Quantum Programming Environment


This paper describes a quantum programming environment, named $Q|SIångle$. It is a platform embedded in the .Net language that supports quantum programming using a quantum extension of the $mathbfwhile$-language. The framework of the platform includes a compiler of the quantum $mathbfwhile$-language and a suite of tools for simulating quantum computation, optimizing quantum circuits, and analyzing and verifying quantum programs. Throughout the paper, using $Q|SIn̊gle$ to simulate quantum behaviors on classical platforms with a combination of components is demonstrated. The scalable framework allows the user to program customized functions on the platform. The compiler works as the core of $Q|SIrg̊le$ bridging the gap from quantum hardware to quantum software. The built-in decomposition algorithms enable the universal quantum computation on the present quantum hardware.

Symposium on Real-Time and Hybrid Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Xin Wang
Xin Wang
Associate Professor

The main focus of my research is to better understand the limits of information processing with quantum systems and the power of quantum artificial intelligence.